2nd edition 2018-2020

The 2nd edition of “Art&Science across Italy” has more than 4000 students competing for the 27 scholarships for a Master at CERN or in one of INFN’s national laboratories.

The training phase, which began in September 2018, ends in the various cities by October 2019. Once this first phase has ended, the students, in groups of three, begin to work on the design and creation of the artistic composition to be exhibited in the context of the local “The Colours of Science” exhibition, set up in each city between autumn 2019 and spring 2020.

The project closes in May 2020 in Naples, the lead city, with the local stage and the local and national exhibitions, a short distance from each other.

The national “The colours of science” exhibition, scheduled at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) in May 2020, represents the fourth and final phase of the project and consists of the winning works of the local selections and the permanent “Art@Cms” exhibition, with approx. forty works created by professional artists in collaboration with scientists from INFN and CERN.

Approx. one hundred student works are selected for this national phase of the competition and compete for the ranking of the first 10 works, established by an international jury of scientists, art and communication experts. The 24 winning students, who receive their prize during a show event, participate in a Master in Art and Science at CERN or at one of INFN’s national laboratories.


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